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No hire is too big or too small and our team of highly qualified technical experts are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you are organising an intimate birthday party or a large scale public festival, the Festival Sound Company will find the perfect sound, stage and light solution for you.



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The Festival Sound Company can provide full event solutions for any occasion


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We use only top of the range industry standard PAs, Monitors, Mics and Mixing consoles for our events so you can be assured that you will not receive better quality at such competitive rates as with us.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and reliable service with competitive rates that won’t be beaten locally. The packages we offer are completely tailor made for you, so please get in contact for a quote.






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Saving You Money Every Time!

Saving You Money Every Time!​

Here at Corporate Events International we just love providing our clients with top class audio and entertainment solutions while saving them money! We have a multitude of bands and entertainment options on our books and secure our clients the best deals and rates.How is this you ask? Well it’s simple. By providing a fully stage-managed sound, stage and lights package we book bands solely to perform. Often when booking a band for an event like this they will need to bring their own PA and staging, meaning they will charge you a lot of money for the inconvenience! With us all they have to do is turn up with their instruments and play, this means we can secure exclusive rates from artists to perform at our events. With the amount of events we run each year our books of entertainment options are growing by the day! We secure the best rates from our acts due to the amount of work we can offer them each year, this in turns saves you money on your event. We also know through our years of experience how much you should be paying for the sort of act you require so there will be no risk of you being ripped off and over charged! Booking your sound, stage, light and entertainment options through us gives you piece of mind that not only will you receive the best entertainment and service for your event but the best prices on the market too! #LetsCelebrate​



No festival is complete without music. From daytime sessions in the sun to night time raves in the dark, festivals are powered by sound. Here at The Festival Sound Company we love seeing a marquee come to life once our team of audio experts get inside and rig up our stages and system for a weekend long event. We’ve seen events run before with small underperforming PA systems and no real light show and it almost breaks our heart!Our events are real festivals, so for that we need a real sound system! I want to see a full range and top spec pro PA, a stage suitable for the 10-piece band we have performing at 9pm and a light show to keep the dancefloor illuminated well into the silent disco!We are fortunate enough to have access to industry touring equipment for our events, meaning our clients get the best every time. We provide highly qualified engineers to set up and operate our sound systems so there will be no worries about anything going wrong on the day!In order for everything to run smoothly you’ll need a good stage manager, someone who can keep that schedule running like clockwork, meet and greet the bands and make sure everyone is happy throughout the day. Having worked at major festivals in a stage management role we completely understand how a festival should run. We have the knowledge to keep your bands happy and your guests entertained all day and night.Our approach is great and easy for the bands performing too. We provide all speakers, monitors, cables and microphones required so all your acts have to do is turn up an hour before their performance and bring their instruments! Our team of professionals will help set them up, sound check them and be on hand to provide live mixing throughout their set. This all comes together to provide you with the best audio quality at your event.The other, often overlooked element of organising an outdoor event is lighting! When you stand in an empty field it’s hard to imagine that everything around you is a form of natural decoration, but the beauty of nature is what makes our events so special. We can provide full coloured lighting for trees and fencing, so you can take full advantage of the natural surroundings of your chosen venue with ease!Festivals come to life at night time, they transform from chilled countryside celebrations into an all dancing all singing party in a field. Bringing back those memories of Glastonbury, surrounded by all of your friends, the only difference being this party is yours to keep!So grab a cider, marvel at the beauty of your natural surroundings and meet us on the dancefloor for the celebration of a life time.#LetsCelebrate  ​

Introducing the Hay Bale sessions

Introducing the Hay Bale sessions​

We had a glorious summer last year didn’t we? We had stunning weather at our events and we really wanted to utilise and cherish that. We came up with the idea of adding an outdoor stage, surrounded in hay bales so that we can have laid back acoustic sessions happening outside the main marquee. This turned out to be an awesome idea as it meant our guests could relax with a glass of Pimms or a slice of cake from the vintage tea party and watch the entertainment from the comfort of the hay bales in the sun!  Everybody loves sitting in the sun and it really added something special to the day, it also allows the guests to float and mingle without feeling like they should be inside the main marquee. We have so much to explore onsite that there will always be something to marvel at!We are forever thinking of ways to utilise the weather we have at each event. Be it rain or shine we’ll always come up with fun ideas to keep your event feeling fresh. We’ll be keeping the hay bale sessions as a standard for our events now as they went down so well this year! I guess we better start planning the next ideas, it’ll be summer again before we know it! #LetsCelebrate​

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